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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 8/6

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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 8/6 UTC+8 10:00
Dear warriors, maintenance will last for 2 hours.Thank you for your patience!

Updates Note:
鈪)Eye of Nova
New Team Raid: Eye of Nova is open for allservers!
Shuttle time, go back to the past, reverse thefate of Milura, and smash the devil's conspiracy that spans thousands of years.Such a mission was so remote not long ago, but now it is truly presented to thewarriors. Time Observer--Walter will lead the warriors to understand the futurein which the blessing of the Nova are completely corrupted, and the way to goback to the past to completely purify the corruption; and Cecilia, the TimeShaper of Destiny, will test whether the warriors can withstand the flow oftime. The change, overcome all difficulties and dangers in twisted time.
The Eye of Nova is a 10-person team raid. TheWarrior level reaches 69, and the talent level reaches 91 to go to thechallenge. The Eye of Nova will get new D20 raid set-Ancient Blessing and TimeTraveler. In particular, the warrior who wins the first kill of the replicaserver will receive the exclusive first kill achievement and title.
鈪)New copy set
The new enhanced power suit Ancient Blessing andTime Traveler, the new suit is stronger than the previous suit, and can be usedto upgrade the rank of legendary equipment. This set can be obtained throughraid of Eye of Nova!
鈪)Tree of Light's Memory
The Tree of Light has been protecting Miluraover its lifetime spanning several tens of thousands of years. It has helpedgenerations of heroes thwart the demons sinister schemes. The guardians whoresist the demons have claimed victories and suffered losses, but they havealways managed to beat the demons in the end. As for the other plethora ofliving creatures upon Milura, well, they have also basked in the Tree ofLight's protection. However, in recent days the Leader of the Light Elves,Picchu, has noticed something odd about the Tree of Light. The Tree of Lighthas gained dark terror-filled memories and has begun losing some of its purity.This is most likely due to it witnessing countless assaults by the demons, andthe many defeats of Milura's guardians. In order to prevent the Tree of Lightfrom being destroyed, and for the eternal peace of Milura, Picchu is requestingheroes to enter into the Tree of Light\'s Memory Room. The heroes must cleanseevery one of these dark memories and remove the effect they have upon the Treeof Light.
1.The Tree of Light's Memory is a single-playerchallenge raid. It is open to 250 levels at the current level 55. Each level iscomposed of a random BOSS and Affix. The difficulty will increase as the numberof challenge levels increases.
2. Players will face different stage accordingto their duties (Tank, Healing, Melee Damage Dealer, Ranged Damage Dealer).Please fully explore the potential of your current responsibilities, challengethe limit of your responsibilities, and get better rewards.
3. A large number of rewards will be issuedaccording to the number of layers for the first customs clearance.
4. The number of rewards that have been clearedcan be used to challenge to obtain daily rewards. The higher the level, thebetter the reward. (The first pass reward does not consume the number ofrewards)
5. There are 3 repeat reward opportunities everyday, the unused times will accumulate to the next day, up to 21 times, and thereward times will be refreshed at 0:00 every day.
6. When the number of repeated challenge rewardsis exhausted, you will not be able to challenge uncleared levels.
7. Players can strengthen their combat andhealing abilities in this gameplay by consuming light crystals. Light Crystalcan be obtained through repeated challenges.
8. A random number of affixes will appear on allrelevant BOSS. List of currently open affixes:
鈼嘑allen Stars:Every once in awhile, meteorites will rain down upon players.
鈼嘋ore of Darkness:Every once in awhile, a Core of Darkness will spawn near players and begin barraging them withfire.
鈼嘊loodlust:All monsters will becomeempowered, gaining a permanent increase to Attack Speed, Cast Speed andMovement Speed.
鈼嘝erseverance: Each monsterrecovers its HP fully one time upon its death, after which it will take acertain amount of damage every second until its death.
鈼嘙ana Flow:Every once in a while,players that move will lose MP over the next few seconds.
鈼嘢plit:Every once in a while,players that move will lose HP over the next few seconds.
鈼嘑ountain of Light:Every once in awhile, a Fountain of Light will appear and anyone who steps into it will beginto quickly regenerate HP.
鈼嘝ower of Darkness:Every once in awhile, a Spear of Darkness will appear and players that step too close willtake damage and have their Healing Effect decreased; however, in recompense,their Attack, Defense and Healing is greatly increased.
鈼嘇rctic Frost:Every once in awhile, a Frost Pearl will appear beneath players, dealing damage and slowingthem. It explodes after a few seconds, freezing any player in its radius.
鈼嘢corching Flames:Every once in awhile, a Flame Pearl will appear beneath players, dealing damage and slowingthem. It explodes after a few seconds, dealing immense damage to any player inits radius.
鈼嘔nsanitylayers with low HP willbe feared at a set interval.
鈼嘐xplosive:Every once in a while,timed bombs will be placed onto several random targets. Once their time is up,the bombs will explode dealing huge AoE damage.
鈼嘥ime Reversal:Every once in awhile, players will be teleported to their position as of a few seconds ago.
鈼嘒aze:Every once in a while, an Eyewill appear and those that face its gaze will be slowed. Staring at it for afew seconds petrifies you.
鈼嘢oul Crush:Every once in a while,players' souls will float out of their bodies, and by collecting enough soulsone can become impervious to lethal damage.
鈼嘊umper Soul:Every once in a while,an energy wave will appear and begin to bounce between targets, dealingincreasingly higher damage.
鈼嘊ind:Every once in a while, achain will bind players and slow them. If a player moves far enough away, thechain will break and the player will take heavy damage and be stunned.
鈼嘦neasy:Every once in a while,players will begin feeling uneasy. If they do not move far enough during thefew following seconds, they will take heavy damage.
鈼嘩ashing Sin:Every once in a while,players will take heavy damage and then slowly recover HP equal to the amountof damage taken. This repeats 2 times.
鈼嘩eaknesslayers gain aVulnerability debuff which is more potent the less the HP remaining.
鈪)Destiny Chart
The Destiny Chart is now open! In this event,the warriors will be able to choose 3 rewards from the 8 advanced rewards andrarer treasure rewards to join the astrolabe and other random rewards fordivination. There are "Rare weapon box", "AdvancedTransformation Card Skill Book", "Dawn Lion" and other treasurerewards waiting for you in certain layers.
Each time you complete a layer of divination,you can win precious treasure chests and get rewards such as Starry Particles.Using tokens in the points shop can be exchanged for a variety of extremelyrare items including "Legendary Transformation Card" and "GoldenDragon".
鈪)Protecting Dreamly
A legendary creature called Dreamly is attractedby light and came to Karanvale through the rift of shadow. However, the spiritit left in the rift attracked a group of demons. The royal scholars inKaranvale has asked the warriors to protect
鈪)Transformation Card Event--FinalChallenge and Glorious Championship
Challenge and Glorious Championship
In order to maximize the strength of the Childof Light, the imperial family of Karanvale and the Gladiator Associationdecided to allow the Child of Lightto participate in arena events in atransformed state. Final Challenge and Glorious Championship events have addeda transformation card mode.
1. Participation requirements
1) Have an activated transformation card
2. Open time
1) Every other Friday  0锛00-23锛50
3. Matching and Attributes
1) The event will be cross-server matching, andplayers will use the same attributes as this server to participate in the event
2) Players will use the Default TransformationCard to fight with the Activated Skill Configuration, and they can no longermake adjustments after entering the preparation area. If you need to adjust,you can exit the preparation area and enter again after the adjustment iscompleted.
4. Rewards and Ranking
1) Players who win or lose in the battle willget a reward box and you will get additional rewards when you complete 1victory, 3 victory, 5 consecutive victories, and 5 matches. The rewards includethe transformation card development prop "Twilight", the universaltoken "Light Soul Stones", and the random transformation card skillbook.
2) After the event is over, additional rankingrewards will be issued to the top ten teams based on the ranking list
鈪)New Arrival
After this maintenance, 鈥淎ncient Vault鈥 will beno longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a new brand box 鈥淏lessingtreasure chest鈥 with very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥.
鈪) Midsummer eventwill end
The Midsummer event will end at 23:59 on August5th.


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