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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 6/25

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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 6/25 UTC+8 6:00
Dear warriors, maintenance will last for 2 hours.Thank you for your patience!
Updates Note:
鈪)Brand new system - TransformationCards
The Transformation Card system is active, andthe Transformation Card interface has been added to the character screen.Players can use Transformation Cards in the following scenarios to undergodifferent experiences.
1. Non-Transformation Card Battle Scenes
1) After a Transformation Card has beenactivated, you can activate the corresponding buff effect and increase thecharacter\'s own attributes. When multiple Transformation Cards are activatedat the same time, you can choose a buff effect to activate.
2) After a Transformation Card has beenactivated, you can change your appearance into that of the correspondingcharacter on the card. After you use a skill or enter battle, thetransformation will be cancelled.
2. Transformation Card Battle Scenes
1) After a Transformation Card has beenactivated, you can use it to participate in Transformation Card battles. (If notransformation is selected, a default transformation will be used.)
2) When fighting with a Transformation Card, theoriginal attributes will be related to Combat Power before transformation takesplace. Players can view the attribute values of the card under the currentCombat Power on the basic attributes screen of the card.
3) When fighting with Transformation Cards,players can use brand new Transformation Card skills to fight, which can bedivided into generic skills and exclusive skills. Generic skills can beselected according to combat requirements.
4) Players can use the corresponding skill booksto unlock and upgrade generic skills on the skill list screen of theTransformation Card. Skills are more powerful once upgraded.
5) Players can set generic skill schemes on theconfiguration screen of the Transformation Card, which is convenient forquickly switching skill configurations according to different combat needs.
3. Types and qualities of Transformation Cards
1) A Transformation Card\鈥檚 type decides itsbuff type and exclusive skill type.
2) The quality of a Transformation Card decidesits buff, its exclusive skill, and the rate of transforming Combat Power toattributes in battle.
鈪)Brand New System - The TwilightTree
A new cultivation system, the Twilight Tree, isnow available. By cultivating the Twilight Tree, players can enhance themselvesand their attributes during Transformation Card Combat.
1. The Twilight Tree consists of a main trunkand branches. The level of each branch cannot be higher than that of the trunk.
2. Use Ancient Energy Pearls to upgrade thetrunk level of the Twilight Tree: Light. Light can provide Attack and HPbonuses to warriors.
3. Use Twilight to upgrade the levels of Soul,Earth, Magic, Dream, and Time, which are the Twilight Tree\鈥檚 branches. Thesecan provide different Secondary attribute bonuses for transformation duringTransformation Card Combat.
4. Ancient Energy Pearls can be obtained throughunlocking and upgrading Transformation Card Skills.
5. Twilight can be obtained through theTransformation Card feature and time-limited events.
鈪)Dream Trial
Everything in Milura, as in every other land onevery planet in the universe, was formed by the collision and convergence offive Ancient Energies. Of these, it is the Power of Dreams that is the mostmysterious. All conscious souls enter the fragile realm formed by this powerduring sleep, and every individual\鈥檚 dream world is both inextricably linkedand fiercely independent. Normally, it is impossible to spy on the dreams ofothers; just as it is impossible to build or modify one\鈥檚 own dreamscape.However, the Dream Weavers, a reclusive organization which has somehow masteredthe relevant knowledge, can manipulate the ancient powers to build dream worldswith specific rules. They can lead others to fall into their dreams, extractingtheir souls from their bodies to enter the worlds they build themselves. Ofcourse, this requires the person being guided to have a physique favored byLight Energy and a willingness to actively accept such guidance.
As the Demon God Depry was revived and the demonforce gradually returned, secret organizations that had lain in wait across theland began to assemble the Children of Light to contend with the demons,helping them gain strength. After much research, the Dream Weavers created aspecial dream world, allowing the warriors\鈥 souls to enter and challenge increasinglypowerful enemies within, thus honing their combat skills. They named this worldthe Dream Trial.
1) There are 7 difficulties of Dream Trial. Ineach trial, there are 8 Bosses that were once defeated during five-player raidsavailable to be challenged. Each warrior will begin at the Basic tier,eventually reaching the Titan tier.
2) To complete a trial, you must clear 19 NormalStages and obtain the Dream\'s Blessing before challenging the Boss. Once awarrior is killed, the trial ends, and the highest progress is recorded. If thewarrior kills the Boss, the Stage will move on to the next Boss, and the nextboss will change. If the Boss killed is the final Boss of the currentdifficulty, the Trial Stage will move on, and the next challenge will enter ahigher difficulty.
3) Warriors can directly guide their souls intothe Dream Trial via the Adventure Panel, but they have to be in a team withoutother warriors. When they fail due to premature exit, timeout, or death duringthe Dream Trial, the current stage and blessings will be saved. When they enterthe trial, they can choose to continue and inherit the currently possessedblessings and start the challenge from their current progress. They can alsorestart the Trial, which will reset the current stage and blessings, returningthem to stage 1 of the current Boss progress.
4) Monsters in the Normal Stage are selectedfrom monsters found across the land. The blessings obtained after defeatingthese monsters will improve warriors\鈥 Attack, Defense, HP, and Resist. Eachtime a warrior clears a Normal Stage, the warrior can choose 1 of 4 randomblessings.
5) For Followers whose souls are bound with thewarrior, their souls can enter the Dream Trial with the warrior. However, theWorld of the Dream Trial is unstable, and Followers with incomplete souls willsuffer constant damage which increases with each Trial Difficulty. Followerswho die during the trial will be instantly revived after the battle ends.
6) Bosses in the Dream Trial are enhanced byAffix. Bosses with higher difficulties possess stronger Affix effects. Althoughit is impossible to fight the Affix directly, Followers entering the trial withtheir warriors can use their characteristics to weaken the Affix effect. Eachkind of Affix can be weakened by two specific Follower Characteristics. PrimaryCharacteristics can weaken the corresponding Affix by 1 level, while AdvancedCharacteristics will weaken the corresponding Affix by 2 levels.The Affixeffect can be weakened so much as to be completely removed. Arranging yourFollowers wisely can greatly reduce the battle difficulty of the Boss stage.
7) When a warrior breaks their record, the DreamWeavers will give out rewards at the end of the Trial. The rewards when passingthe Boss stage will be even richer, including precious Crystals! To help theChild of Light improve their powers, the Dream Weavers also provide Silver andSoulstone Shards based on their record. These rewards will accumulateautomatically over time, up to a maximum of 48 hours. At any time during thisperiod, warriors can receive the currently accumulated rewards on the DreamTrial interface.
8) Due to the differences between classes andtalents, warriors will gain buffs when they enter the Dream Trial in PlayerMode, so as to balance the abilities of different classes and talents in thetrial.
鈪)Dream Trial - Transformation CardMode and Relics
Transform into a famous hero and do combat witha brand new set of skills and powers. The emergence of the Morph Systemattracted the attention of the Dream Weavers, who sensed the infinitepossibilities hidden within this system. \鈥淧erhaps this will become animportant tool for us to save the fate of the continent.\鈥 In order tofamiliarize warriors with these new powers that did not belong to them, theyincorporated a Transformation Card Mode into the Dream Trial, so that the Childof Light could acquaint themselves with the relevant skills and values inpost-transformation challenges. In Transformation Card Mode, new relics willreplace normal blessings, providing more possibilities for Transformation CardCombat. At the same time, players who pass the basic difficulty trial will getAuto-fight Rewards, containing the Twilight needed for upgrading the branchesof the Twilight Tree.
1. After turning on the Transformation CardSystem, warriors can switch between Player Mode and Transformation Card Mode.The main body will still be used to challenge in Player Mode, and the defaultTransformation Card will be used to challenge in Transformation Card Mode.
2. The two modes share progress and rewards.Continuing the trial will allow warriors to inherit the previous mode,progress, and blessings. When the warrior chooses to restart the trial, theycan switch between the two modes.
3. The type of monsters in Transformation CardMode are the same as Player Mode, but the values have been adjusted to adapt tothe attributes of the Transformation Card. Due to the complexity of the skillsof the Transformation Card, it is not possible to fight automatically inTransformation Card Mode.
4. Relics will strengthen some types of skillsand effects of Transformation Cards, such as Special skills and Physical DamageEffects. These types and skills will be reflected in the classification anddescription of skills.
5. Different types of relics are more suitableto different skill combinations. Warriors can adjust their skill groupsaccording to their acquired relics when in a state of non-combat to obtain themaximum strength enhancement.
6. There are various qualities of relics. Themore difficult the trial, the higher the quality and stronger the effect of therelics. Relics of different qualities will be marked with different colors.
7. In the absence of specific instructions,relics of the same name with different qualities can\鈥檛 take effect at the sametime, and only relics of the same name with the highest quality will takeeffect. Only certain relics of the same name and different qualities, withnotes in their descriptions, can take effect at the same time.
8. Once the basic difficulty has been beaten,the Dream Weavers will continue to provide more Twilight to help the Warriorsstrengthen the battle skills of their Transformation Cards as progresscontinues, so as to go yet further in the trials.
鈪)Brand New Event - Soul Laboratory
Scholar Kopen, a long-time thief of soul traitshas aroused the attention of the heroes, monsters, and demons of Milura. Busyhandling the matters of Karanvale, he made a solemn decision: the heroes ofMilura should help him to gather soul trait fragments and combine them intocomplete soul traits. Under the urging and coercion of Kopen, the Children ofLight finally began their journey to collect the soul trait fragments.
Event Time: Jun 25th after maintenance to July8th 24:00 (Beijing time).
Event Rules:
1. Soul Laboratory is a solo player challenge.Players can bring 1-4 Followers with them. Each battle lasts for 2 minutes andplayers must deal as much damage as they can during battle.
2. The characteristics of Followers and monstersin the laboratory are mutually restrictive: Followers with the relevantcharacteristics can weaken or change the skill effects of correspondingmonsters.
3. You can enter Soul Lab only after setting upthe Transformation Card.
4. Tap \鈥淪earch\鈥 on the event screen todiscover a 1-5 Star Soul Laboratory at random. Laboratories of different starshave different numbers of monsters and rewards. Monsters\鈥 levels will increasewith every search that players make.
5. Players will not be able to find a new SoulLaboratory until they have cleared the one they\鈥檝e already found.
6. After a certain period, the Soul Laboratorywill be open for a limited time. Challenges will not be available once thistime is over.
7. Players can share discovered Soul Laboratoriesfor friends and guild members to challenge together.
8. Each challenge costs 10 Destiny Crystals. AStrong Pursuit costs 30 Destiny Crystals.
9. The damage players deal in the SoulLaboratory will be converted into Unbound Soulstones. Players can exchangeSoulstones for items at the Exchange Store on the event interface.
10. Players dealing the Last Hit in the SoulLaboratory will be rewarded with additional Destiny Crystals, a Stamina item.
11. Players can obtain a certain amount ofDestiny Crystals for free if their daily Activeness reaches 100.
12. During the event, players will be rankedbased on the numbers of Unbound Soulstones obtained. Additional ranking rewardswill be granted to the top 100 players on each server.
Event Rewards:
Points Store: Legendary Essence, Titan Equipment- Non-D0, Titan Equipment - Attack, Titan Equipment - Defense, Advanced OceanCore, Unbound Soulstone (S), Derman Fruit (L), and more rare rewards.
Ranking Rewards: Titan Equipment Chest, MemorialTitle, Kopen\鈥檚 Advanced Summon Ticket, and more rare rewards.
A limited amount of Destiny Crystals, a Staminaitem, is available for purchase every week. This is a great opportunity forChildren of Light who need Destiny Crystals. There is also a limited offer onUltimate Soul Summon Tickets every week. Children of Light can use them todirectly summon a 5-Star Soul Laboratory.
鈪)Soul Laboratory Follower Rulesfor Restraint Characteristics
In the Soul Laboratory, Follower Characteristicsaffect monsters\鈥 skills. Followers with the corresponding characteristics canweaken or reduce monsters\鈥 skill ranges and effects.
Tap on the corresponding monsters to view theirskills in the Soul Laboratory. You can also see their Restraint Characteristicsand levels of Restraint.
Go to the Follower screen to view FollowerCharacteristics.
鈪)Soul Laboratory Share Rules
Players can share discovered Soul Laboratoriesfor friends and guild members to challenge together. Challenge shared SoulLaboratories to get point items. Players dealing the Last Hit will get extraStamina item rewards (when multiple players deal the Last Hit, they will allget extra Stamina item rewards).
鈪)Soul Laboratory Share Rules
Players can share discovered Soul Laboratoriesfor friends and guild members to challenge together. Challenge shared SoulLaboratories to get point items. Players dealing the Last Hit will get extraStamina item rewards (when multiple players deal the Last Hit, they will allget extra Stamina item rewards).
鈪)Soul Laboratory - Soul Harvest
Scholar Kopen initiated the Soul Harvest Eventso that the Children of Light could serve him better. Accomplish theachievements in the Soul Laboratory Event to get extra Stamina and point items.Claim your rewards from the Soul Harvest screen.
鈪)New Arrival
After this maintenance, 鈥淓nergy core鈥 will be nolonger in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a new brand box 鈥淚mperial Treasure鈥漺ith very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Warriors will find anew mount 鈥淚mperial agents Set鈥 in it.

When the scholars of Karanvale were deep intheir research of Lightwing\'s power, a girl named Raphiel appeared. Mortalshouldn\'t possess such power!As the proclaimed these words, she beganassaulting every town and village upon Sardar Highlands. Heroes, unite togetherand defeat her. Show her we are powerful enough to control Lightwing!


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