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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/28 UTC+8 10:00

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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/28 UTC+8 10:00

Dear warriors, maintenance will last for 2 hours.Thank you for your patience!
Updates Note:
鈪狅級Brand New Followers
New Followers: Starr the Astrologer &Khmar\'egar
Those praying in the Dawn Cathedral have beenseeing mysterious shadows sneaking around of late. Lansel received word of thisand immediately began his research. But he was puzzled - this spy sent by theDemons is just too clumsy. \鈥淪cholar! Is it you?\鈥 Lansel was relieved todiscover that the strange shadow was actually just Kopen. Kopen gestured forhim to be quiet and whispered: \鈥淒o you know the Astrologer? He has beenstudying magic in the basement of the Cathedral. I planned to sneak out somesoul traits, but he is alert, and has set many magical alarms. Still, they poseno difficulty to me... \鈥

鈪★級The New Sparkling Diamond - Coreof the Earth
The Blood of Titanus, buried deep undergroundsince the Era of Gods, contains great light energy. The energy of the Earth,one of the five original energies, has become a strong crystal. In the Era ofGods, this brown gem was embedded in armor to enhance its strength, and topower its wearers. After this maintenance, the New Sparkling Diamond - Core ofthe Earth will provide stronger attributes, which can be combined using theHoly Crystal Diamond. Players with talent levels of 80 and above can embed theCore of the Earth on equipment for Wrist, Sash, Cape, and Boots.
The Core of the Earth provides HP, HealingBonus, Physical Parry, Magic Resist, Physical Damage Boost, and Magic DamageBoost. The combination cost of Core of the Earth is 20% lower than BrightMountains and Ocean Hearts of the same level, and equal to one Sky Pillar.

鈪級New Artifact - Navi\'s OceanStaff
Since the birth of Mother Goddess Magellana,many intelligent creatures have appeared imbued with the energy of the Blood ofTitanus. The mightiest among them rallied together and built the Paradise of theGods, becoming the Gods now worshipped by all. Navi was born far to the northof the Paradise of the Gods, in the deep oceans. She joined the Gods, butrarely left the mysterious waters that she ruled.
Navi did not reveal herself often to people, butthe fishermen in the North worshipped her nevertheless, praying to her for safejourneys whenever they sailed out to sea. After the Era of Gods, Navi vanishedlike the others, but her staff was left in the Temple of the Ocean, and isstill worshipped by generations of fishermen. As the threat from the Demonsbecame greater, the Priest passed this artifact to Karanvale, in hopes that theChild of Light would be able to restore the power of the artifact and fight theDemons.
    1.Unlock Navi\'s Ocean Staff at Level 55. The Ocean Staff increases the player鈥檚defense capability through the Breeze of Ocean, and increases Mystic Damagethrough Navi\'s power.
    2. TheOcean Staff has many powers. It provides healing based on the player鈥檚 Max HP,and deals great damage through Tidal Power. Its ultimate power is to summonNavi's blessings to increase player attributes.
鈪o級New Artifact - Ankwi\'s Book ofWater
In the beginning of the Era of Gods, Ankwi, theseer of the Merfolk, led its people onto land, wielding a mysterious power tohelp them evolve. These were the first Cudina. After the Era of Gods, Ankwidisappeared along with Magellana, but he left the Book of Water to his people,hoping that the Power of Time within would help them with their lives on theland.
The Book of Water revealed a terrifying futurewith the return of the Demons. The saviour will be the Child of Light. Theydecided to give the Book of Water to the Child of Light, for the survival oftheir people, and the land.
1. Unlock Ankwi\'s Book of Water at Level 60.The Power of Precognition in the Book of Water increases player Hit, and theElemental Power within increases player Natural Damage.
2. May the power of water protect me! The Bookof Water deals damages to enemies and heals allies. It calls Ankwi\鈥檚 Blessingto increase attack, and uses the Power of Time to increase Parry and Resist.

鈪わ級Artifact Unlock Level Adjustment
The level at which artifacts are unlocked haschanged based on current progress. Also, artifacts unlocked beyond Level 45will not be shown before the player has reached the requisite level.
1. Torannis\' Blessing now unlocks at Level 35,rather than Level 45 as before. Visible as default.
2. Demoux\'s Infinity Box now unlocks at Level40, rather than Level 45 as before. Visible as default.
3. Wisley\'s Gale Pendant now unlocks at Level45, rather than Level 46 as before. Visible as default.
4. Fang of Titanus now unlocks at Level 50,rather than Level 51 as before. Visible as default.

鈪ワ級Heroic Dawn Cathedral - AstrologySanctum
Brand New Team Raid: Heroic Difficulty DawnCathedral - Astrology Sanctum Accessible Across All Servers!
The flowing Power of Darkness swirls, the shiningLight of Star reemerges. The might of the Seventh Demon Lord Alganon remainsimpressive and overwhelming in the Dawn Cathedral. That鈥檚 why, once again, thePower of Darkness inside the Evil Nun Noel was aroused, and Starr theAstrologer, the Astromancer, became so enraged that he lost his mind. TheDarkness Incarnated that has appeared this time is stronger, so much so thatwarriors can only defeat it through cooperation with the Light Incarnated. Inaddition, the outraged Starr unleashes even greater Stars Power and will not bedefeated easily unless the Power of Matry Statue can be fully utilized.
Heroic Difficulty Dawn Cathedral - AstrologySanctum is a 10-player squad raid. Warriors of Level 64 or higher with talentlevels of Level 87 or higher can challenge it. In Heroic Dawn Cathedral -Astrology Sanctum, two new D19 Raid Sets, One Thought Demon and Cosmic Vision,will be dropped. Notably, the warrior who achieves the First Kill on this raidserver will be rewarded with an exclusive First Kill Achievement and Title.

鈪︼級Spirit Beast Spirit Artifact
Spirit Beasts and the Child of Light havegreatly improved their teamwork through countless battles. Finally, after theultimate victory in battle against the Demons, Spirit Beasts revealed one ofthe sources of their Mysterious Power to the Child of Light: Spirit Artifacts!
Simultaneously real and illusory, SpiritArtifacts are exclusive equipment for Spirit Beasts. With Spirit Artifacts,their spiritual power can be materialized to realize more effective attacks,and it can also be converted to buff magic serving as great assistance to theChild of Light in battle.
About Spirit Artifact
(1) Spirit Artifact Composition:
The strength of Spirit Artifacts is determinedby their Main Attributes, Secondary Attributes and Sets. Spirit Artifacts of ahigher quality level have higher initial values and maximum limits for MainAttributes and Secondary Attributes as well as stronger Set effects.
(2) Spirit Artifact Rating:
1. The rating of one Spirit Artifact consists ofratings of its Main Attributes and Secondary Attributes, excluding its SetRating.
2. The total Spirit Artifact Rating consists ofSet Rating and ratings of all equipped Spirit Artifacts.
3. Spirit Artifact Rating does not count towardsCombat Power Rating and Secondary Deploy Slot Combat Power Bonus.
(3) Spirit Artifact Enhancement:
1. Main Attributes are upgraded each time SpiritArtifacts are enhanced.
2. Spirit Artifacts have no initial SecondaryAttributes. They have a 100% chance to get a random Secondary Attribute ontheir first enhancement, after which they will possibly get a new SecondaryAttribute or have an existing Secondary Attribute value increased.
3. The max enhancement level of Spirit Artifactsis 18. Each Secondary Attribute can be upgraded 8 times at most (the initialSecondary Attribute is +1, which can be upgraded to +9 at most). Each SpiritArtifact can get no more than 3 different Secondary Attributes (these cannot bechanged once obtained).
4. A small amount of EXP loss is inevitableduring the EXP transfer of enhanced Spirit Artifacts.
(4) Spirit Artifact Set (tap Assister - SpiritArtifact to view 6-piece Set Attributes and Set Rules)
1. Uncommon and Rare Spirit Artifacts only haveDebuff Resist or Debuff Enhance Effects. Epic and Legendary Spirit Artifactshave Rare Set Effects (those of Legendary Spirit Artifacts are stronger).
2. Set Effects take effect on condition that theSpirit Beast is among your Assisters (in the Main or Secondary Deploy Slots).
3. Set Effects take effect when all the equippedSpirit Artifacts are of the same quality level.
4. Once all of the 6 Spirit Artifacts of a Setare owned by a Spirit Beast, Attributes of their 2-piece Set, 4-piece Set and6-piece Set will all be activated at the same time.
5. Spirit Artifact Set Effects of 2-piece Setsand 4-piece Sets provide Attribute Bonuses for Spirit Beasts, while 6-piece SetEffects provide Attribute Bonuses for characters.
6. 6-piece Set Effects are effective only oncewhen two or more Spirit Beasts have the same set of 6 Spirit Artifacts equipped(2-piece or 4-piece Set Effects are not affected). Therefore, more characterAttribute Bonuses can be obtained if more Spirit Beasts are equipped withdifferent Spirit Artifact Sets.
(5) How to Obtain:
1. Warriors, take part in the Dreamly\'s SecretGarden Event and defeat Dreamly to obtain Spirit Artifacts every day! You alsohave a small chance of obtaining Epic Spirit Artifacts.
2. The Mysterious Spirit Artifact Device will beadded to the Item Mall - Weekly Limited Purchase. Open to get an Epic SpiritArtifact or even a Legendary Spirit Artifact!

鈪э級Guidance of Gods
The new Guidance System \鈥淕uidance of Gods\鈥漺ill be available after this update. Guidance of Gods consists of 13 Levels,each of which has 5 stages. Each stage includes 6 guidance quests. Complete theguidance quests of the Goddess to upgrade your Level and obtain numerous gifts,Attribute rewards, and more.

鈪級New Arrival
After this maintenance, 鈥淓nergy core鈥 will be nolonger in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a new brand box 鈥淜inetic core鈥 withvery high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Warriors will find a newmount 鈥淓nergy Foucs鈥 in it.

鈪╋級Love Promise
After this maintenance,we have adjusted thesystem of Love Promise: Love Promise cancels the decomposition value and canonly be used or discarded.

鈪┾厾锛Beautiful Fairy Tale
When your daily Activity reaches 100 you willreceive two identical Fairy Tale Cards, which can be gifted to others. You canonly send or receive one of each Fairy Tale Card per day! Collect the FairyTale Cards Prince Jordan and Princess Kailey, and combine them into a FairyTale Reward Voucher for ample item rewards!

鈪┾叀锛High-value present discount
After this maintenance, Delicious ChocolateGift, Ancient Ornament Box, Kitty Ration will be sold at a very lowdiscount,and you can enjoy up to 55% off. Luxurious Party Cakes, Breath of theDragon, Fossil Crate : Dinosaurs will restore to the original price.


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