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Pet Guide

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# What are pets?

Pets are NPCs that follow your main character around that partake in mini modes and aid you in combat. They do not contribute any of their own stat to your main character, nor do your stats help the pet. They have their own level, own stats, and own skills.

Pets are divideed into three grades: Wild (lowest), Elite, and Ascended (Highest). Pets gain enhanced stats the higher the grade.

Pets are divided into three rarities for all intents and purposes: Ultra Rare, Rare and Common.

Ultra Rare:

- Conflagurus
- Void Ray
- Dreamly
- Naecron


- Jelly Fish
- Golden Tiger
- Ghost Tiger
- Thunder Gust
- Sky Fox
- Nebula


- Everything else

The more rare a pet is, the better stats it has. Similarly, pets dismantle for spirit stones, green or puple, depending on their rarity (Spirit stones being a currency used to buy pet things). Ultra rare dismantles for 100 purple spirit stones, rare for 18-20 purple spirit stones, and common for any amount of green spirit stones.
Similarly, pets will dismantle for more spirit stones if they are ascended, and less if they are wild.

## Pet Leveling

Pets can be leveled up to 10 higher then your current character level. They gain the same amount of normal (not talent) exp that you do, up to your character level+5 (so if you are 60, you can level a pet to 65 just by gaining normal experience).
You can raise a pet's experience/level even higher by using experience stones to give the pet experience.

## Pet Evolution

Pets can be evolved. Evolution has the following benefits:

- Evolved pets gain a base 10 to all stat (STR/VIT/AGI/INT) for the first evolution, and 30 all stat for the second.
- Evolved pets can gain learn a "forgotten" skill. More on this in the skills section.

### How to obtain Pet Experience Stones

There are a few ways to obtain pet experience stones:

- Buying with Silver
- Buying with Green Spirit Stones (Obtained from dismantling non-rare pets
- Dismantling a pet will yeild 70% of its current total exp back as Pet Experience Stones

## Pet Fusion

You can fuse two pets together to create a single pet with possible benefits from both. When fusing, the following is true:

- You can only fuse two pets of the same grade (Elite+Elite or Ascended+Ascended)
- When fusing, the resultant pet will only take _one_ of the parents' exp level. The other parent's exp level will be lost.
- If you are fusing two non-ultra-rare pets, the resultant pet will be one of either of the parents, with a 50% chance of each.
- If you fuse an ultra rare pet with a common or rare pet, the resultant pet will always be the ultra rare pet, with the same exp of the prior ultrarare pet.
- The resultant pet will have _at most_ the combination of all the unique skills between the two pets, or at least _one_ skill from the parents, at random. More on this in the skills section.
- When fusing pets, the resultant will take after one of its parent's. If the parent is chosen is evolved, the resultant pet will also be evolved.
- Fusion also results in receiving fusion coins, which is a currency to buy pet related things from the shop.

## Pet Skills

Pets can have a myriad of skills that can boost their combat effectiveness. The skills come in two types:

- Active Skills: These are skills that can be used automatically by your pet (or by you manually should you equip it) to heal yourself or deal damage to the enemy.
- Passive Skills: These give passive combat bonuses to your pet, like Crit Chance, Increased Healing Done, Increased Pierce, etc.

There is no limit to the number skills a pet can have overall, and a pet cannot have duplicate of the same exact skill. However, a green (common) and an empowered (red) skill can both be added to a single pet, and they stack with eachother.

Pets _learn_ skills in a few ways:

### Adding Skills with skill books

You can use pet skills you obtain (via crystal buys or daily pet dungeon "Dreamly) to randomly replace/add a pet skill to a given pet. Adding skills via skill books has the following caveats:

- The chance to _replace_ a pet skill is much higher then the chance to _add_ a pet skill.
- Skills this way can only add up to 8 unique skills.
- Once a pet has 8+ skills, adding a skill in this way is guaranteed to replace an existing skill, at random.
- The normal attack of a pet does not count as one of the 8 skills allowed via skill books. Similarly, it cannot be replaced.

### Adding Skills with Evolution

Evolving a pet can make it learn a skill its "forgotten".

- Forgotten includes any skill that has been overridden by adding skills via skill books.
- Skills learned by evolve can bypass the normal 8 skill limit imposed via using skill books.

### Adding Skills with Fusion

Fusing two pets together is the _only way_ to get skills past 8 (excluding evolve, which is finite and random). Note the following:

- The resultant pet will have _at most_ the combination of all the unique skills between the two pets, or at least _one_ skill from the parents, at random.
- You can (and often will) lose skills by fusing
- You can guarantee good skill outcomes when fusing by using S and L derman fruit. 25/30 S Derman fruit will be used when < 9 skils. 1/3/5/8 L Derman fruit will be used when > 9 skills.
- The fruit-guaranteed fusion will _at least_ yeild the average of the two parent unique # of skill fusion, + 1, rounded up. If you fuse two 8-skill pets, you are guaranteed _at least_ 9 skill resultant pet. This is the most common out come, but it is technically possible to get higher then the guaranteed minimum.
- You cannot use derman fruit if fusing will result in >14 skills (it's in gods hands at that point).
- The more unique skills across the two parent pets, the more likelyhood youll have at keeping more skills on the resultant pet.

## Pet Archtypes

Pets have archtypes. They are as follows:

- Physical DPS: Most efficient for PVE. Best for PVP. Requires 8+ skills to be good, 14 to be optimal
- Magic DPS: Theoretical Best for PVE. Mediocre for PVP (Good on offence, bad on defense). Requires 16+ skills to be optimal
- Tank: Worst for PVE. Troll for PVP (only do this if you plan to last longer then 5minutes in arena, would not recommend).

## Building a Pet Efficiently

The most efficient order to build a pet is as follows:

### Building Skill Base

- If you are whaling/trying to build an optimal pet, first roll/obtain _ascended_ pets, including the one you want to use as a base. Otherwise, just use elite forms of the pets. Do not use wild pets.
- Take your ideal pet, polish it till it has 4-5 skills
- Use skill books (of skills you dont want on the final pet), until it gets to 8 skills.
- If you want to get higher, get a fodder pet of the same grade, and raise it to 7 skills, then fuse it with Derman fruit to your ideal pet. If your ideal is an ultra rare pet, you can use any fodder. If you are raising a non-ultra-rare pet, your fodder must be of the same pet as your ideal. Fusing a 8 and a 7 pet with derman fruit will guarantee a 9 skill pet (or in rare cases, more).
- Repeat the fusing process till you have the desired amount of skills on your ideal pet. (Next raise an 8 skill fodder pet. Fuse your ideal 9 with a fodder 8, to result in an ideal 10 skill, etc.)

If you are F2P, stop at 8 skills. Going higher than 8 skills is insanely expensive, as it requires multiple 8skilled pets, exponentially as you get higher.

#### Desired Physical Pet Skills

The following is the order of pet skills for physical dps, from most important to least important:

- Empowered Fury
- Empowered Rampage
- Empowered Lacerate
- Empowered Sharp Fang
- Empowered Razor Talon
- Fury
- Rampage
- Razor Talon
- Lacerate
- Sharp Fang
- Empowered Rainbow Breath
- Rainbow Breath
- Empowered Armor Break
- Armor Break

The following is the order of pet skills for magic dps, from most important to least important:

- Empowered Resonance
- Great Empower
- Empowered Surge
- Empowered Knowledge
- Empowered Gloom Destruction
- Resonance
- Empower
- Knowledge
- Gloom Destruction
- Empowered Rainbow Breath
- Rainbow Breath

Note: The above list is passives only. For magic pets, you also need active skills to actually utilize all magic damage. The ideal active skills for a magic pet are:

- Hallow Meteor
- Empowered Earth Strike
- Empowered Water Strike
- Empowered Blazing Flame
- Empowered Shadow Assault
- Empowered Wind Assault

It takes 6 skills (including hallow meteor), to basically remove all auto attacks the pet does.
### Deploying Pets

You can deploy one main pet, and up to 5 (at level 69) assisting pets. Only the main pet will attack. The assisting pets will increase the overall damage output of your main pet by a %, where the % is determined by the overall rating of the assisting pet (level, skills, stats, etc. all contribute to rating)


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