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Patch Notes of October 10th

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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 10/10

Dear players, we will maintainour servers for two hours.

鈪)Equipment tempering system
1. Equipment tempering rules
A) the equipment will havetempering attributes after activation;
B) the tempering attributes ofthe equipment can be extracted and attached to the prop;
C) tempering attributesextraction is divided into ordinary extraction and advanced extraction:ordinary extraction consumes the Ocean Core, the extracted equipment will beconsumed, after the extraction is successful to obtain the Navi Core; Advancedextraction consumes Advanced Ocean Core, and the extracted equipment will notbe consumed. After successful extraction, the Advanced Navi Core will beobtained.
D) the legendary equipmentcannot perform ordinary extraction operation;
E) fuse the Navi Core /Advanced NaviCore and equipment, so that the tempering attributes of the Navi Core can beattached to the equipment;
F) attribute fusion must besuccessful, it is possible to add tempering attributes to the equipment, it isalso possible to randomly replace one of the original tempering attributes onthe equipment, equipment can have up to four tempering attributes;
G) properties extraction andfusion cannot be performed on Treasure and PVP equipment.
H) after extracting the temperingattributes of higher rarity, there will be an announcement on the worldchannel.
2. How to obtain Ocean Core
A) the Ocean Core can be got inthe activity of Tribe Chieftain;
B) Ocean Core can be purchasedat the mall with silver coins or crystals. The Ocean Core can be purchased withsilver coins with a daily limit;
C) Advanced Ocean Core can bepurchased with crystals in the mall.
D) the package related to OceanCore and Advanced Ocean Core has been added to daily special offers and weeklydiscounts, and the package related to the daily purchase limit has also beenadded to the mall.

鈪)Infinity Illusion
1. Infinity Illusion is afive-player raid. Where team raids require cooperation, the Infinity Illusionfocuses on personal ability.
2. The raids come in variousdifficulties and each difficulty requires a certain Combat Power.
3. Personal Combat Power: Reachall-time-high Combat Power while not in a team. (While in a team, changes willnot be recorded)
4. Rewards are tallied after araid has been fully completed. (If the raid was entered last week and the bossis killed this week, then additional reward attempts will be subtracted fromthis week)
5. Once all additional rewardattempts have been used up, you can continue to complete raids for normal pickup rewards. There is a weekly limit on normal rewards.
6. Assisting others in thecompletion of raids grant great rewards. Assist rewards increase with the raiddifficulty.
7. Good Will and Elite Good WillMedals have their own limits.

鈪)New Artifact鈥斺擶isley's Gale Pendant
Wisley is a fantastic but reallegend to people living in Milura.
As far back as ancient ages,Gods were allied together, despite Wind God Wisley. Wsiley tells that he feltgreat power from the gale, called freedom. Thus, he became the most mysteriousone among them: not people, no followers. However, his amazing power wasundeniable. When a Tsunami happened in Nevisa Sea, he brought all the livesnearby to a safe place, which gain him Magellana鈥檚 respect and plaudits.Wisley鈥檚 power is linked to his gale pendant. The resonance between themamplifies his power, and enables him to be such a legend. Another secret ofgale pendant is that a mysterious girl lives inside, which may be a reason for Wisely鈥檚reclusiveness.
Tips: The girl in the galependant will encourage, praise, or console the holder of this artifact, in somecases.

鈪)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淪tarWishing Box鈥 will be no longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a brand newbox 鈥淒uck head lollipop鈥 with very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ewArrival鈥. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments. Also, it includedthe cool Mount -鈥淭iny Duck鈥!

鈪)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw will be updated after this maintenance.Don't miss out on the classic box and rare items


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