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Patch Notes of August 1st

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The Landlord
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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 8/1
Dear players, we will maintainour servers for three hours.
鈪)New Arrival
Afterthis week's maintenance, 鈥淔lower Fairy Honorarium鈥 will be no longer in stockon the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a brand new box 鈥淧et flower鈥 with very highdiscount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Player probably get very rarelegendary equipments. Also, it included the cool footprint-鈥淣imble Claw Print鈥濓紒
鈪) Midsummer Butterfly
The flying butterflies stop atthe Sakura seedling, guarding the seedlings of the goddess of life, and theseed of life will also sublimate - the wing of the butterfly will be turnedinto a  a new wing appearance:"Midsummer Butterfly"!
After this maintenance update,the two-week theme event - Midsummer Butterfly, will be on the "Mall"interface. Release the butterfly on the Sakura seedling every time, you willget a variety of butterfly tokens, use butterfly tokens to exchange a varietyof rare rewards: A variety of ultra-rare mounts including "Star Ray"and "Shadow Wing"; "Sanctuary Attire", "DraconicIllusion", "Eternal Fire", "Moonlight Outfit" andother cool fashions And a series of collocations such as "ObtainYearnstar\'s Whisper Garland Token" pendant and "Eternal StarFrame" avatar box make you look new and more legendary equipment and 4levels of glyphs can be exchanged!
Sakura seedling has a total offive grades. With the continuous upgrading of Sakura seedling, the Warriors canget the "The Midsummer Bloom Frame", "Fragrant KnapsackToken", "Funny Avatar", "Eternal Leaves Box", Gorgeous"Midsummer Butterfly" Wings look!
During the event, the butterflyfrom the goddess's garden will accompany the warriors who fight in the Quartet.The daily 100-active treasure chest will drop an extra random number ofbutterfly tokens. Don't forget to collect it!
鈪級Follower Summon Sale Ending
After this maintenance update,the follower summon limited time discount activity will be removed, using thecrystal summon will restore the original price.
鈪o級Ultimate Damage
New attribute ultimate damagehas come to character's panel.
1. The ultimate damagecomprehensively considers four attributes of damage, crit rate, crite damage& pve damage incrase rate.Basically it reflects the expceted damage whenmultiple attacks occurred without considering target's armor,crit resist &damage reduction.
2. The ultimate elemental damagecomprehensively considers four attributes of elemental damage,elemental smash,smash amount & elemental damage incrase rate.Basically it reflects theexpceted elemental damage when multiple attacks occurred.


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