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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 12/24

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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 12/24 UTC+8 10:00
Dear warriors, maintenance will last for 2 hours.Thank you for your patience!

Updates Note:
鈪狅級Overflowing Fortune
It's Christmas! The Goblin Merchant has returnedwith gifts and fortune to celebrate the festival with the Children of Light.
1. Heavenly Fortune Chests
The Goblin Merchant will release HeavenlyFortune Chests at 12:30, 17:00, and 22:00 each day for 30 minutes each time,from December 24th after maintenance to 00:00, January 8th. Please visit theShopping District Fountain Plaza in Karanvale and share your fortune to obtainchests which contain Holy Crystal Diamonds, Sap of Light and other rewards.

2. Fortune Sharing Cards
During the event, you can also top-up to obtainFortune Sharing Cards from the Goblin Merchant. Use each card to obtain 50Fortune Points. An Overflowing Fortune Chest with 50 rewards will also bedropped at the Goblin Merchant\鈥檚 location in the Guardian Fort Plaza! Warriorswill be notified through the World Channel once the chest is summoned. ExtraFortune Points will be given to the owner of the chest for claiming rewards (1point for each reward claimed). Warriors claiming the chest have a chance toobtain outfits, wings, mounts, pets, Warrior Invitations and so on!

3. Event Time
After the update on January 7th, Warriors can nolonger obtain Fortune Sharing Cards from the shop. Remember to check them outbefore the maintenance if you still need Fortune Points. The Goblin Merchantwill set off again for business to other lands at 00:00, January 8th.Overflowing Fortune Chests will no longer be available by then, so please makesure you use your Fortune Sharing Cards before 00:00, January 8th.

鈪) Astrolabe
The Astrolabe will open at Dec 24th! In thisevent, the warriors will be able to choose 3 rewards from the 8 advancedrewards and rarer treasure rewards to join the astrolabe and other randomrewards for divination. There are advanced transformation card skill books, Glaring Gorghana (5 persons) and other treasure rewards waiting for youin certain layers.
Each time you complete a layer of divination,you can win precious treasure chests and get rewards such as 鈥淐hristmascontract鈥. Using tokens in the points shop can be exchanged for a variety ofextremely rare items including "Legendary Transformation Card" and "NightmareDevourer".

鈪)Demon Invasion
The Desolationists are trying to tear a gap inthe fabric of space above Milura, from which they plan to summon an endlessstream of Demon Lords. However, the Demon Lords who have arrived are not yetanchored to this world and require the life of the Desolationist Summoners toexist. Now, Child of Light, you must eliminate the summoners and send theirdemonic masters back where they belong!

Warriors with 100 Daily Activeness will receivea special item from the Active Treasure box called "Potent TeleportCrystal", which will be used to transport warriors to where the evilritual is held. Warriors can fight those Demon Lords and the Desolationist Summoners near the center of the field. There is full ofevil powe. Warriors cannot use any of their own original skills, and all kindsof effects such as skill runes and equipment suits will also become invalid.However, warriors will also receive the "Blessing of light" effectgiven by Archbishop Herrling, which can touch and kill the Desolationists.Different Desolationist Summoners play different roles in the ritual, asfollows:
Damage summoner: deals a small amount of damageto the demon Lord when he dies. Every once in a while, he reverses his effectand death gives the demon Lord a small amount of healing.
Healing Summoner: restores a player's medianhealth after death. Every once in a while, he reverses his effect while deathdeals moderate damage to the player.
Accelerate summoner: provides the player with aperiod of acceleration after death. Every once in a while, the summonerreverses his effect. Death slows the player for a period of time.
Recover summoner: Removes blood from a player'sbody after death.
Stable Summoner: After death, warriors gain atemporary "stable" effect, which is no longer affected by the demonLord's "pick up" ability.
Burning Summoner: This spell gives warriors abrief searing effect when they die, and can continue to do a lot of damage tonearby drugged spears.

The demon Lord Arunas descended from the evilrituals of the Desolationists is powerful and has the following skills:
Swipe: deals a small amount of damage to thetarget and adds a layer of blood.
Top pick: after accumulating energy, the targetwill be lifted high into the air, dealing higher damage.
Spear throw: Teleports to one side of theceremonial ring, then throws a drugged spear at the target, pinning it to theground for a while.
Magic cut: teleports to the center of theceremonial ring, jets two magic rays from the hand blade and slowly spins,inflicting a sustained amount of damage to the target.
Roar: deals extremely high damage to the targetand will only be released after 3 minutes of combat.
Destination: deals extremely high damage to thetarget and is only released upon death.
Depending on how much the demon Lord's health isreduced during battle, Karanvale will reward the player with a different numberof Hell Gems.
Hell gems are another specialty of Hell. Matildais very interested in these gems.  Warriorscan exchange them with her for all kinds of rare items.

鈪)New Arrival
After this maintenance, 鈥淪nowLucky Gift Box鈥漺ill be no longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a new box 鈥淚ce Gift Box鈥漺ith very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Warriors will find anew Weapon 鈥淪now Weapon鈥 in it.

鈪)Infinity Illusion New floor
The Children of Light proved to Cecilia whatthey were capable of in the Eyes of the Stars trial, and warriors are about tobe allowed into a more chaotic time flow for more difficult repairs.
After this maintenance, 34-36 floors will beadded to the Infinity Illusion.

鈪)Dodo ivination
After this maintenance, Dodo ivination will bestarted. Come on,let Dodo do the divination. And you will get good luck.

鈪)Rare Gifts
After this maintenance, Kitty Lens Giftbox, Pterosaur'sCrystal Star Box, Nimble Claw Light Box, Dreamy Gem Box, Colourful Cloud Box, Fiery-redFox Box and Rabbit Mirror Box will be back on Material Medicine.

鈪)Hell Core
After the maintenance thisweek, you will get double rewards for daily clearance of the Hell Core. (Validuntil the end of the event)


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