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Patch Notes of Jan 24

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I) A new class: Assassin
The Assassin, a brand-new melee class will beavailable on all servers!
The Assassin class possesses various powerfulskills, including Assault, Laceration, Weakness Strike, Pierce, FerociousAssault, Blade Tempest, Flying Blade, Shadow Blade and more! They are bothnimble and powerful, and their enemies often lay dead on the ground before theyknow which dagger hit them. Assassins also possess a skill great for escaping,but with hidden damage potential鈥擲tealth. They walk in shadows and are likeghosts on the battlefield. Together with their powerful buff skills Dash andPreparation, they slip through heated battles like a breeze.
1. The Assassin can class transfer intoeither Assassinator or Alchemist:
A. The Assassinator is a master ofassassination who excels at hiding in the shadows and destroying enemies fromthe dark. Grants the Transfer skill Illusion Strike which deals huge damage toenemies in front of the player.
B. The Alchemist is a master at controllingpoisons capable of corroding their enemies' armor and piercing their souls.Grants the Transfer skill Arch Enemy, which increases the damage taken by theirenemies.
2. Assassins uses their own battle resource,Combo Points. Get the most out of your skills by gaining and spending ComboPoints. Use finishers like Weakness Strike, Pierce, and Illusion Strike toconsume all of your Combo Points at once. Their effects grow stronger dependingon the number of Combo Points they consume, which is why mastering the usage ofCombo Points is vital to getting the most out of the Assassin class. ComboPoints will diminish at a certain rate while outside of battle. Combo Pointsgained in one battle can be used in the next.
II) Class Balancing Changes
After this week's maintenance, there will beseven classes available in Crusaders of Light. The reason we are creatingvarious new classes for you players is to bring you a richer and more variedgameplay experience. But as it stands right now, Shadow Knight's damage outputis far superior to that of the other classes which has disrupted the classbalance and resulted in all DPS players choosing to play Shadow Knight. So, inorder to remedy this and create more equality between the different classes, wehave adjusted the damage output of the Shadow Knight's skills and improved thedamage output of some other classes. The changes are as follows:
1. Increased the Crit chance of theExecutioner Warrior's Execute.
2. Increased the Crit DMG buff of the ScoutRanger's Blessed Arrow.
3. Increased the chance to reduce thecooldown of the Magellana's Judgement Mystic's Mystic Galaxy and Dread Blast.
4. Increased the slow effect of the DawnKnight Paladin's Reigning Sword as well as the damage of Shield of Order.
5. Increased the burn damage of theElementalist Elementalist's Fiery Wing.
6. Increased the damage of the ShadowKnight's Deadly Plague and Plague Strike; increased the damage coefficient ofSoul Reap; reduced the damage coefficient of Spiritual Attack.
III) Raids
1. Raid Difficulty Adjustments
Reduced the HP of Captain Sedge, the secondboss of The Battle for Karanvale - Escape the Airdock.
Reduced all skill damage dealt by CaptainSedge, the second boss of The Battle for Karanvale - Escape the Airdock.
Reduced all skill damage dealt by InfernoGates, the first boss of The Battle for Karanvale - Fall of the Capital.
Reduced all skill damage dealt by the Childof Darkness, the second boss of The Battle for Karanvale - Fall of the Capital.
Reduced the number of Parasitic Demon SeedsValerie, the Child of Darkness summons during Phase 1 as well as the number ofCorrupted Demon Seeds it summons during Phase 2.
Greatly reduced the HP of Demon Warriors,Succubus Queens, and Demon Generals in the first boss encounter of The Battlefor Karanvale - Fall of the Capital.
Greatly reduced the HP of Valerie, the Childof Darkness and its summons Demon Rift, Shadowfiends, and EnhancedShadowfiends.
Greatly weakened Shadowfiends summoned byValerie, the Child of Darkness.
2. Raid Admittance Adjustments
The talent level required to enter Core ofRock Essence on Normal has been reduced to 55 from 60.
The level required to enter Fort Desolationon Heroic has been increased to 37 from 30.
The level required to enter Everlush Valleyand Chimeria on Normal has been reduced to 35 from 40.
The level required to enter Scar Plains, DireGalleon, Ancestral Altar, and Goblin Camp on Heroic has been reduced to 30 from35.
3. Raid Refresh Times & AuctionAdjustments
The reset time for team raid progress hasbeen changed to Fridays at 06:00. Normal 5-Player and guild raids won't beaffected.
The bidding time for a single item has beenreduced to 12 seconds from 20. The bidding time between items has been reducedto 3 seconds from 5. Equipment has been moved to the end of the auction queue.
4. Changes to Daily Raid Blueprint Drops
The forge blueprint drop from Scar Plains,Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar and Goblin Camp will be reduced to 1 from 2 toreduce the amount of inventory space required. The price to dismantling theseforge blueprints will be doubled.
IV) Companion Adjustments
1. Simplified the Recruiting the Brave questline (complete to unlock companions). Players who accept these quests in thefuture won't have to complete the Larritus and Hellclaw Tempestlash queststories. The quests won't change for players who have already accepted them.The final rewards remain unchanged.
2. A guide for how to select a companion andhow to feed them experience stones has been added for when you first unlockcompanions.
3. For companion trophy equipment: The II andV slots require the companion to be level 5 to use; the III and VI slotsrequire the companion to be level 10 to use. Already equipped trophies won't beaffected.
4. Resolved an issue where the icons ofcompanion passive skills Source of Mana, Gale Blessing, Power of Lightning, andHunting Instincts would display an error.
5. Greatly increased the HP granted by allpassive skills that increase HP.
6. Reduced the healing done by Picchu'sArcane Rain. Even after having been weakened, Picchu's Arcane Rain will stillbe able to overheal in the Skywards Tower when compared to followers with thesame amount of training. So, for players trying to climb the levels, the changewill barely be noticeable.
V) Guild Workshop & Guild Packs
1. Every Guild Workshop level (starting fromlevel 2) will unlock guild packs of the corresponding level. The higher thelevel, the more guild packs unlocked.
2. Every point of Activity acquired by guildmembers will turn into 1 Guild Point. When the total amount of Guild Pointsreaches certain brackets, all members who were online that day can claim theunlocked guild packs. Guild Points reset at midnight each day.
3. Members who have already claimed guildpacks won't be able to claim them again during that day even if they changeguilds.
4. Players who forget to claim guild packswill have them sent by mail.
VI) Cave of Eternity
1. For the Leray Kothas, second boss inKothas Foundry, encounter: Chain of Spite will no longer mistakenly triggerPool of Blood; Fire Elemental due to overflow will now only spawn as intended.
2. Resolved an issue where the Power Groupwouldn't be displayed as intended in the Karanvale Palace.
3. The level requirement to enter Preset Modehas been reduced to 45 from 55.
VII) Achievement Tier Increases
Achievement Tiers XI to XX have been added.Players who meet the achievement point requirements will be rewarded with ahuge amount of elemental damage attributes. Elemental damage ignores a target'sPhysical and Magic Defense. It will be added onto normal attacks and skillsautomatically.

VIII) Fight for Milura Updates
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淔ight forMilura鈥 will be closed.
IX) Winter Coming Top-up Rebate
After this week's maintenance, Shadow WingTop-up Rebate has ended. A new 鈥淲inter Coming Top-up Rebate鈥 will be on shelf.Player will be able to obtain the Legendary Bracelets in the Winter ComingTop-up Rebate.
X) New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淎irshipGearbox鈥 will be no longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥 will beupdated on the day of each server maintenance. Also, to celebrate the launch ofnew class 鈥斺斺淎ssassin鈥, 鈥淣ether Gift鈥 with very high discount will be in stockon 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments from鈥淣ether Gift鈥. Besides, A legendary mount of Devil Master, the nether guardianis snoring inside the box!
XI) 鈥淣EW鈥
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淪uper Reforge& Refine Bundle鈥, 鈥淎ncestor Ambrosilla Box鈥 and 鈥淪hining Equipment EvolveBox鈥 will no longer be in stock on 鈥淣EW鈥. 鈥淛adeite Crystal Star Box鈥,鈥淎quamarine Crystal Star Box鈥, 鈥淒ark Purple Crystal Star Box鈥, and a new 鈥淒awn'sLight Box鈥 will be in stock on 鈥淣EW鈥.
XII) Protecting Picchu
Event time: 1/24 - 2/14
This event will be available every Monday,Wednesday and Friday between 20:00 to 22:00. Everyone can take part as manytimes as they want, but only the first participation per day will grantrewards. The protection battle consists of 18 monster waves, and only bywithstanding all monsters and protecting Picchu till the end may the finalreward be claimed. The event fails if Picchu dies. The number of monsters increasewith each wave, and so do the rewards.
XIII) Other Adjustments
1. A new character selection interface: Wehave fully remodeled the character creation and character selection interface,making it more aesthetically pleasing as well as improving how it functions andoptimizing the quick buttons.
2. We've added a new series of main questsand deleted a few unnecessary tutorial quests.
3. We've added the Claim All and Delete Allfunctions to the mail system. Claim All will claim all attachments from mail andset them to "Read". Delete All will delete all read mail.
4. In order to make it easier for players tounderstand what content will be available for them at certain levels, it willnow be displayed in the various introductions of events, training systems andteam raids that are available.
5. Gold blessings and item blessings will beclaimable on your server, even when obtained from various cross-server content.
6. When reset attempts are gained for theSkywards Tower every Monday and Friday for players who have unlocked thecompanion system, a red dot will be shown as a reminder. When Dawn Outpostquests reset daily or when a quest has been completed, a red dot will be shownas a reminder.
7. Hunting progress will be gained for allAerial Island, Surgewind Wilds, and Cloudburst Forest normal bosses and lordbosses. Hunting progress will now grant permanent attributes.
8. Reduced the talent level required tounlock star circle slots. Star circle slots 1-9 unlock at the following talentlevels: 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 and 58.
9. Resolved an issue where PvP equipmentattributes didn't work as intended.
10. Added a Group Chat to the friends panelwhere you can invite several friends into a group chat.
11. New achievements are available for thenew achievement tiers.
12. If you close the game or have it runningin the background when playing the Skywards Tower, the player will remainonline for 20 minutes, during which companions will automatically continue tofight and gain rewards.
13. Greatly increased the speed at which youfeed Experience Stones to companions while holding down the button.
14. Resolved an issue where there were someproblems with companion ratings.
15. Resolved an issue where companions wouldstart floating if using an energy recharging skill while advancing.
16. The gold gained when a lucky prizeappears after having killed a raid boss has been changed into a gold chest.
17. Increased the daily number of Asterismsthat can be bought for idle medals in the Survival Camp. Also added AldorrMedals as a way of buying Asterisms.
18. Various meteorites now have a max stacklimit of 99.
19. Elite Good Will will now begin droppingat one raid difficulty higher than before.Chimeria on Normal, and EverlushValley will no longer drop Elite Good Will.
20. Every character and monster (includingbosses) will have their HP displayed in 1%.
21. Un-broken through Legendary Helmet(Attack), Legendary Pants (Attack Health), and Legendary Boots (Health) can nowbe resold.
22. Seven-day login closed: A new guidancesystem 鈥淕oddess' Guidance鈥 is coming soon in a few weeks, and the original seven-day login and upgrade packs will beremoved. In the very few future, every new player who sets their feet uponMilura will continue to grow stronger under Goddess Magellana's light.
23. Magellana's Potions will be sold at thevarious reputation shops. They contain powerful magic and grant various buffsfor a short period of time.


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After this week's maintenance, 鈥淔ight forMilura鈥 will be closed.

Is it closed forever?

10. Added a Group Chat to the friends panelwhere you can invite several friends into a group chat.

Does not work? looks like the huge "black box" is place for such functionality in Friends section.

Special Thanks for "Collect All" (aka "Claim All") button.
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