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Patch Notes of December 19th

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The Landlord
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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 12/19

Dear players, we will maintain our servers for two hours.

鈪狅級Level cap adjustment
After this update maintenance, Player Level Cap from Level 55 adjusted to Level 69.

鈪★級New main line
After this maintenance update, the new mainline is opened, and players can pick it up at the corresponding NPC directly after reaching level 56.

鈪級New Map
With the in-depth investigation of the Spirit Beast, the scholars of Karen City finally discovered the world where the Spirit Beast lives, which is located on the shadow plane.
After this maintenance and update, the new map is opened. After reaching the Level.59,the Child of Light can go to the new map "Spiritcall Island" to explore.

鈪o級Upgrade activity
With the new level of each server opened, Karen City decided to hold an event to reward the warriors who had the courage to protect Milura.
The upgrade will start when the server is unlocked at level 56 and the activity lasts 14 days.
Limited rewards for each server, soldiers who come late will not be able to get.

鈪わ級Capital - Expedition War
Rule of activity:
1. Expedition War is a game mode with teams of 5 members. These raids will test the strength of players and how well they know the game.
2. Once the server reaches Lvl. 59 and you are at least Lvl. 56, you can team up in teams of 3-5 to take part. There is no limit to the number of challenges that can be made.
3. Your personal result = the total damage of the team you are in. Rewards will be issued according to your rank when the event ends.
4. All points you gained during the event are accumulated. Once a certain server progress has been completed, all players above level 56 will gain a progress reward.
5. There is a guaranteed reward for the first three entries every day.

鈪ワ級Titan Equipment
Players can obtain Titan equipment through the Lvl.60 Infinity Illusion. Titan equipment has the following basic characteristics.
1.The highest grade of Titan equipment is higher than the legendary equipment and has legendary attributes.
2.The titan equipment's Set Attributes and Base Attributes can鈥檛 be refined.
3.Each titan equipment has its own unique Titanic Power. Its Titanic Power will increase in strength as the equipment's temper attributes increase up to a maximum grade of 5.
4.You unlock extra attribute bonuses depending on the quantity and quality of your equipped Titanic Powers. Rewards function similarly to achievements and you only need to meet the requirements once to unlock the corresponding attribute rewards

鈪︼級Legendary equipment
1.Lvl.50 Legendary equipment has upgraded to the upper limit of this stage. Need to emerge it into a totally new equipment if continue to upgrade it.
2. Lvl.60 legendary equipment upgrades will gradually open as player levels increase

鈪э級Temper attribute transfer
1.Temper attributes can be freely transferred between equipment of the same slot.
2.Currently attributes can only be transferred from legendary equipment onto titan equipment and from titan equipment onto titan equipment.

鈪級Additional attribute and Legendary attribute transplant
1.Additional attribute and Legendary attribute can be freely transplanted between equipment of the same slot.
2.Currently attributes can only be transplanted from legendary equipment onto titan equipment and from titan equipment onto titan equipment.

X锛塏ew Sparkling Diamond鈥斺擯illar of Firmament
Long lost jewelry crafts are discovered from the ancient works from Turanesso era. In era of gods锛宎 kind of gems with strong defensive power were embedded on the domes and pillars in the God Heaven锛宼o support the wards of the palaces. Thus, it was named 鈥淧illar of Firmament鈥. After this maintenance, new sparkling diamond鈥斺擯illar of Firmament can be composed by Holy Crystals. Players whose talent level is higher than 70 can embedded Pillar of Firmament on Helmet, Tunic, Breeches, Pauldrons.
An Pillar of Firmament has 6 attributes: Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Physical Accurate, Magic Penetration, Physical Damage decrease, Magic Damage Decrease. Pillar of Firmament is a kind of sparkling diamond, but its composing cost is 20% less than Mountain of Light and Heart of Ocean.

XI) Gem System Update
With the breakthrough of the player's level, the equipment that players can wear has been improved and can hold more powerful light energy essence, so it can be embedded with higher-level gems. After this update, the upper limit of the gem level will increase to 70, and the holy crystal diamonds in player's hand have more use.
1. Players can compose Lv.60 and Lv.70 diamonds and sparkling diamonds in the Gem Compose interface. Lv.60 and Lv.70 diamonds and sparkling diamonds can be composed by existing gems, or directly by holy crystal diamonds. Higher-grade diamonds and sparkling diamonds will provide higher primary and secondary attributes.
2. Equipment requiring at least Lv.50 can be embedded with Lv.60 gems. Equipment requiring at least Lv.60 can be embedded with Lv.70 gems.
3. The diamonds which has been switched the secondary attributes will also be able to be upgraded and composed. For example, An Lv.50 fireworks diamond providing physical accuracy can be directly upgraded to an Lv.60 fireworks diamond providing more physical accuracy. In addition, when selecting diamonds to compose in the interface, players can see the types of sub-attributes provided, which makes it easier for players to select the diamonds they want to compose.
Friendly Tips: Players need to reach Lv.60, before being able to equip equipment requiring Lv.60.

XII)Soul Beast Fusion
After this update maintenance, Added props 鈥淒erman Fruit 鈥 S鈥 ang 鈥淒erman Fruit 鈥 L鈥
鈥淒erman Fruit 鈥 S鈥:Little fruit of derman flower. When low-skilled spirit beasts are fused, this item can be consumed to retain most of the skills (average number of 2 materials + 1); it can also be used to redeem Derman Fruit 鈥 L.
鈥淒erman Fruit 鈥 L鈥:The perfect fruit of Derman flower, with golden light shining. When high-skilled spirit beasts are fused, this item is consumed to retain most of the skills (average number of 2 materials + 1).

XIII锛塁hristmas Stashes
鈥淐hristmas Stashes鈥 celebration begins! Due to Magellana鈥檚 blessing and warriors鈥 effort锛孠aren City defeated demons for many times. To thank for the contribution of warriors, the Regent of Karen City decides to put various precious items in the stashes, and give them to warriors continually supporting the Karen City. Get the stashes for free and open them to get great awards.
1. During the activity, the players will receive stashes from Karen City when they recharge. Use the Christmas Candy-key to open the stashes to get rewards. The higher-level stashes require more Candy-keys, and will contain better rewards.
2. It is probable to get a higher-level stash by opening a lower-level stash.
3. Different recharge stalls will award different stashes. The specific rules are: 1 Oak stash for each $3 recharge, 1 Iron Stash for each $15 recharge, 1 Copper stash for each $60 recharge, 1 Mithril Stash for each $150 recharge, and 1 Adamantite Stash for each $300 recharge.
4. Every day during the activity, each player can receive 1 Iron Stash from Karen City for free on the event interface. If the activeness reaches 100, a player can get 3 Christmas Candy-keys. Christmas Candy-keys can be purchased in Weekly Limited Purchases.
5. The maximum limit of Mithril Stashes obtained by recharging is 200, and the maximum limit of Adamantite Stashes obtained by recharging is 100. Stashes obtained by opening low-level stashes are not subject to the limits.

XIV) Mysterious Coin Store
The Mystery Coin Store will be launching new items after this maintenance. Warriors are welcome to shop!

XV) Christmas Gift
Christmas is approaching, and the Regent has prepared rich holiday gift  to reward the warriors for their hard work over the past year. After this update, Mall-Material will put on value holiday gift (limited to one week). Don't miss them!

XVI) New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淪now Country Elf Box鈥 will be no longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a brand new box 鈥淐hristmas wish box with very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Brand new mount 鈥淧olar Sleigh鈥 shelf.

XVII) Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw will be updated after this maintenance. Don't miss out on the classic box and rare items锛

XVIII) Startrail Treasure Hunt
Startrail Treasure Hunt activity ends


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