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Title: Facebook Gameroom [Print this page]

Author: ZenKript    Time: 2018-12-26 21:36
Title: Facebook Gameroom
I have been experiencing problems within this platform ever since I played it. One thing is that it won't let me upload picture in My Space so I could share it with everyone until now I can only post Emoticons and Texts. Second thing is that it suddenly takes me to the homepage of fb gameroom. Final thing is it suddenly crashes and I have to reinstall it again.

Author: Joskaran    Time: 2019-1-18 19:43
same problems
Author: Janevsky    Time: 2019-1-20 06:28
Try steam, its a lot better.
Author: marineknight    Time: 2019-3-10 06:37
Author: fireball    Time: 2019-3-18 10:33
The steam version is not much better... it's creashing time to time too.
Yep, You need to re-install Facebook gameroom, but it's ok to play for 1-2 days without issues...
Author: Anonymous    Time: 2019-5-4 02:06
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