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Titan Gear Tutorial

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# Titan Gear Tutorial
Titan gear is the yellow background-ed gear that look to be eventual, complete replacements for legendary gear.

## Why is Titan gear good
Titan gear comes at higher then normal numerical grades, meaning their base stats and reforges can be higher than that of currently obtainable legendaries. Titan gear _always_ comes with a 3rd set, called a "Titanic Power", which are powerful sets, and can even someimtes be tailored to a specific classes skills.

## Is titan gear ever bad?
While titan gear has the potentional to be best in slot for all classes, it has some major drawbacks:

1. It can only be reforged using a special material "Titans Breath". This material only comes from P2W events, or dismantling other Titan gear.
2. You can _Never_ refine a piece of titan gear. What this means is you cannot change its Titanic Power. You cannot reroll a D0 set if the piece has one on it. You cannot change the letter grade of the piece.
3. To get the most out of a Titanic Power, you must have very good _temper attributes on the piece_. More on that later!

## How to get titan gear
Titan gear can be obtained in the following ways:

1. Illusion level 25+
2. P2W events
3. Trading in Titan Breath at the Illusion NPC

## Titan Stats
Titan items have the same types of stats that normal legendaries do. They have base stats (white), reforge stats (green), legendary stats (pink), 2 set slots (D0-L), as well as one additional Titan Set (so 3 sets in total), and temper stats. The breakdown of interactions with each of those stats are as follows:

### Base Stats (White)
The base stats on a titan piece _can never be changed_. Normally, with legendaries you can upgrade the numerical, and letter grade, to affect/increase the base stats. This is not true for titan pieces. You cannot change the letter, or numerical grade of a titan piece. What you identify it as is what it will stay as.

### Reforge Stats (Green)
The reforge stats work similarly to legendaries. You can reroll (randomly) the reforge stats of a titan piece, which will require both titan breath and regalian stones to do. Additionally, you can swap reforge from a legendary (or a titan), to another titan piece. The reforge stats on the piece you are transferring _from_ must be better then the reforge stats you are transferring _to_. The transfer costs either frost hearts, bloods, or fire spirits depending on the piece.

### Legendary Stats (Pink)
The legendary stats work similarly to normal legendary gear. You can reroll (randomly) the legendary stats using titan breath. Additionally, you can swap legendary stats from a legendary (or a titan), to another titan piece. The legendary stats you are transferring _from_ must be better then the reforge stats of the item you are transferring _to_. The transfer cost is either frost hearts, bloods, or fire spirits, depending on the piece.

### Set Slots (D0-L)
All Titan gear comes with 2 (1 must be unlocked like normal) set slots that can hold any set from D0-L. You can swap sets onto these two slots according to all the same normal set swapping rules (no duplicates on a single piece, cant swap on or off d0). Titan pieces also *_cannot_* refine sets. If a titan piece spawns with a D0 set, that D0 set can never be changed.

### Titan Set Slot
All Titan gear comes with a single Titan set. The set can either be a universal set (the same for all classes), or a class exclusive set (only available to that class). Similarly, these 2 types of titan sets can only come on certain pieces. A titan set is activated by the rarity, and number, of temper stats on the titan item, and it's effectiveness is based on tiers:

- Tier 1: 3 green tempers
- Tier 2: 3 blue tempers
- Tier 3: 3 purple tempers
- Tier 4: 4 orange tempers
- Tier 5: 5 orange tempers

### Temper Stats
All Titan gear comes with the traditional 5 unlockable temper slots. These temper slots work according to all the same rules as normal tempering. You have a small chance to unlock a slot when tempering onto a piece, and an equal chance to replace any given preexisting temper slot. Tip: It is highly recommended to unlock all temper slots with bad stats FIRST, before putting on worth while stats if possible. Titan tempers additional can be transferred onto from other legendaries or titan gear. When doing the transfer, it will only transfer as many as the destination titan piece has slots for, which is why its recommended to unlock all slots before transferring.

## Titan Gear Achievements
Titan gear has special achievements that are unlocked by wearing multiple titan pieces that have varying level of titan set tiers activated. You only  have to equip the sets of titan pieces ONCE to activate the acchievement for permanent stat. The list of achievements can be seen in the "Titanic Power" tab, in the tempering window, by clicking the "Up arrow" in the upper left.

## Unused Titan Gear
Unused titan gear has 2 main purposes.

1. If the titan gear already has its titan set activated, see if it can help you reach a titan achievement

2. If the titan gear can't be used as above, then dismantling will give you 3 titan breath, which can be used to reforge green and pink stats, as well as trade in for another chance at a usable titan piece.

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