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Is there a way to bind Facebook account to Steam?

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The Landlord
Post time 2019-11-5 05:36:17 | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
Hi I love this game, but crashes all the time when I try playing through Facebook Game room, So I downloaded the Steam version. That being said, when I go to the Account Tab it just tells me that 'the current platform dosen't support account switching, please tap the floating window or restart the game'. Which i've restarted the game and when i click back on Account it tells me the exact same thing.
When I go to start game, it takes me to the new character screen and I don't see any of my characters.
So I am I missing something? Are you able to use your facebook gameroom/google play account on Steam if so how do you??

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The Sofa
Anonymous  Post time 6 day(s) ago
Ages ago I managed to get this game to work on ios, gameroom and steam account no problem. was happily able to switch between my phone, tablet and pc. yes had all of them bound. I had installed the game on ios on my iphone originally. first device I played it on. There was an option to 'bind' other platforms somewhere in the account settings so I added gameroom using my fb login on my phone, which worked find, this let me play on the phone and tablet. I proceeded to add steam to the bind options and this allowed me to play on my pc. all was good for a long time till 'tides of the dark moon' or something update than steam stopped working, network error with updates or something. so gameroom was used on pc and tablet. now since last update that wont work so all thats left it ios. none of the other versions work and ITS NOT JUST ME!!!
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The Bench
Anonymous  Post time 4 hour(s) ago
Just install game on phone log in with fb acc than tap on account and bind it to steam did same works
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