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Patch Notes of October 31st

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The Landlord
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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 10/31

Dear players, we will maintain our servers for twohours.

)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淕alaxy Box鈥 willbe no longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a brand new box 鈥淗alloweengift box鈥 with very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Brand new Fashion 鈥淣ightmare Soul Set鈥 shelf.
鈪)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw will be updated after thismaintenance. Don't miss out on the classic box and rare items锛
鈪) Tree Of Wishes Is Closing
After this maintenance update, the tree of wishes activity will beremoved from the mall. The tickets obtained in the activity will not be able tocontinue to be exchanged at the Store for two weeks later. In order to avoidunnecessary losses, the Warriors please take the time to redeem your favoritegift!
And the left gifts you earn which didn't receive will return by mail at6:00 am November 1st.
鈪) Time Tunnel
As one of the most mysterious energy dimensionsin Milura, time has been constantly disturbed by the demonic forces.Recently,the Time cracks appear frequently on the Milura, in order to thoroughly purifythe devil power among them, archbishop Herrling calls on you to go to find outthe truth! After this week's maintenance, the Time Tunnel activity will openfor a limited time. In this activity, warriors can continue to roll dice toadvance corresponding steps and collect all the loot dropped along the way,achieving a certain progress and unlocking the limited title.
鈪)Halloween gift
Halloween gift on sale.Contained Crystal Star,Light of Dawn, Kopen\'s Advanced Summon Ticket. There are different commodityevery day.


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