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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 9/17

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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 9/17 UTC+8 10:00
Dear warriors, maintenance will last for 2 hours.Thank you for your patience!

Updates Note:
鈪)Hades's Special Trial
Seeing that the Child of Light activelyparticipated in their own trials and achieved quite impressive results, Hades,the god of wealth, issued a rallying order to the Child of Light, starting aspecial trial. Survive in this special trial, you can get more precious rewards.
The special trial of Hades is a single playergame. Players can obtain the item "Hades's Assembly Order" from the100 daily activity chest, or use gold to purchase them in the mall. After usingthe "Hades's Assembly Order", players can enter the special event.After entering the trial, players cannot use any of their original skills, norcan they trigger the effects of runes, equipment, artifacts, and spirit beasts.Instead, use summoning energy to summon powerful partners and promote them.Under the protection of your partner, if you continue to survive the enemy'ssiege, you will receive more and more hell gems as rewards
Hell gem is another special product of hell.Jewelry merchant Matilda is very interested in this gem. Players can use hellgem to exchange rare items such as "Advanced Ocean Core" .
鈪) Treasure event
The Treasure event event is available at 10o'clock in sept 17. Obtain vault chests for free. Open chests to obtain vaultpoints! #1. During the event, you can obtain vault chests donated by Karanvalewhen you top-up. Use Treasure secret keys to open the chests and obtainrewards. High-quality chests grant you better rewards, but require moreTreasure secret keys. #2. Low-quality chests also have a chance to grant youhigher-quality vault chests. #3. You will get different vaults with differenttop-up amount: Obtain a Rotten wood Treasure every time you top up 3 dollars;Obtain a Black iron Treasure every time you top up 15 dollars; Obtain a BraveTreasure every time you top up 60 dollars ; Obtain a Starlight Treasure everytime you top up 150 dollars; Obtain a Golden light Treasure every time you topup 300 dollars. #4. During the event, you can claim a free Rotten wood Treasuredonated by Karanvale at the event page every day. When your Activity pointsreach 100, you can obtain 3 Treasure secret keys. Treasure secret keys can bebought from the weekly limit. #5. The maximum amount of Starlight Treasure youcan get through topping up is 200. The maximum amount of Golden light Treasureyou can get through topping up is 100. The high-quality vaults you obtainthrough opening low-quality chests are not subject to this restriction.
鈪) New Arrival
After this maintenance, 鈥淗oly Tree Gift Bag鈥漺ill be no longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a new box 鈥淲ater GiftBox鈥 with very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Warriors willfind a new mount 鈥淲ater Whisper鈥 in it.
鈪) Protecting Dreamly
A legendary creature called Dreamly is attractedby light and came to Karanvale through the rift of shadow. However, the spiritit left in the rift attracts a group of demons. The royal scholars in Karanvalehas asked the warriors to protect Dreamly from them.
鈪) Time Tunnelactivity announcement
After this update and maintenance, Time Tunnelactivity will be off. The exchange shop will be closed when the next activityopens.


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